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Our Medical Billing Services Expertise

We specialize in Out of Network Billing

Billing for Emergency Room, Hospital, and Urgent Care requires specialized knowledge of insurances negotiation. We negotiate aggressively on your behalf, thus increasing your revenue while you are focused on efficient facility management.

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Medical Billing and Payments

Right on Time. No delays in filing claims.
You get paid fast.

Right Medical Billing ensures increase in revenue by reducing claims processing interval, daily billing, daily follow up on already billed claims, and sending clean claims in a timely manner.

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Custom Tailored Medical Billing Services Company

We have a 99.9% claim acceptance rate.

From the moment your patient walks in, until you receive payment for the services rendered, our RCM services team support your growth by focusing on problem areas in your revenue cycle management.

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Insights to elevate your financial confidence and unlock your potential.

We are your trusted medical billing service provider, working seamlessly with your team of doctors, nurses, front-desk staff, and techs. With our expertise in revenue management, you can rest assured that your patients will receive the highest quality of care while we handle the financial aspects of the practice. Leave it all to us, and focus on what truly matters – the health and well-being of your patients.

Our primary focus is to ensure the growth and success of your business. As a medical billing company, we are fully aware of the critical role your revenue cycle management plays in achieving this objective. You can be confident that we possess the requisite expertise to deliver exceptional services for your revenue cycle management needs.



Medical billing and coding

Streamline your medical billing precisely and easily, giving you more time to focus on patient care.

A/R Management

Enhance your account receivable management for improved financial control.

Credentialing & Contracting

Simplify credentialing and contracting processes for streamlined operations.

Out-of-Network Negotiation

Navigate out-of-network negotiation with ease and expertise.

Eligibility and Benefits Verification

Efficiently verify eligibility and benefits for comprehensive coverage management.

Complete Revenue Cycle Management Services

Comprehensive RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) services for seamless financial operations.

Choose Us to Keep Your Medical Billing and Coding On Track

Simplify Billing Services offers cutting-edge medical billing and coding services to medical offices and facilities of all sizes. We routinely boost our clients’ revenue by at least 10% while also making the medical billing process efficient, compliant, and stress-free. Our tried-and-true approach ensures accurate coding and maximum reimbursement. Our skilled team of medical billers and coders assures quick and accurate claim preparation. It expedites the complete process to ensure that medical facilities receive optimum reimbursements in the shortest amount of time.
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Why Us ?


Service Offerings

Simplify Billing Services streamlines billing for home health and hospice providers, ensuring timely payments and financial goal achievement.


Expert Team

With a specialized team in healthcare billing and coding, the company offers valuable assistance for clients' financial stability and success.

Diverse Specialties

Diverse Specialties

Simplify Billing Services meets individual client needs through diverse specialties and platforms, establishing leadership and provider trust in the healthcare industry.

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

Dedicated to excellence and innovation in healthcare revenue cycle management, the company empowers clients to prioritize top-quality patient care.


Customer Satisfaction

The company's commitment to exceptional service and results is evident in positive reviews. They stay current with industry trends and use advanced technology for optimal solutions.

Collaboration Benefits

Collaboration Benefits

Partnering with Simplify Billing Services can transform healthcare businesses. Their expertise streamlines billing, boosts revenue, and enhances patient care.


Choose Us to Keep Your Medical Billing and Coding On Track

Experience seamless medical billing and coding services from Simplify Billing Services. Boost your revenue by over 10% while ensuring compliance and efficiency. Our expert team guarantees accurate coding, swift claim preparation, and maximum reimbursements for medical facilities of all sizes.

Simplify Billing Services provides comprehensive medical billing and coding services to hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent cares, and physicians specializing in various fields.
We have earned a reputation for excellence by upholding professionalism, adhering to healthcare rules, and delivering exceptional service. Our efficient medical billing and coding services in the United States maximize revenue for facilities and physicians.
Our certified coders specialize in various fields, including ICD-10-CM, Evaluation and management codes, and CPT coding. They manage routine submissions, accounts, follow-ups, and appeals for you.

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