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The establishment of Simplify Billing Services serves as a valuable asset to home health and hospice providers who seek to attain their financial objectives and receive timely payments. With a team of experts, we specialize in streamlining the billing and coding procedures, ensuring that the process is hassle-free and simplified. Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients in achieving financial stability and success.

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Why you should outsource medical billing and coding services to Simplify Billing Services?

Simplify Billing Services is a one-stop-shop that offers you complete revenue cycle management services. We are experts in all areas of medical billing and coding.

By choosing Simplify Billing Services, you are extending your staff without paying extra for the overhead. We will interview you about what you are searching for in a medical billing company then build a billing and coding team that will be dedicated to work for you. Our goal is to help you grow your revenue cycle, which means getting all claims handled proficiently. We are more than just a medical billing company. We are your partner aimed to help you achieve financial success.

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Why Us ?


Service Offerings

Simplify Billing Services optimizes the billing process for home health and hospice providers, guaranteeing prompt payments and successful financial goal attainment.


Expert Team

With a dedicated healthcare billing and coding team, our company provides invaluable support to help clients achieve financial stability and success.

Diverse Specialties

Diverse Specialties

Simplify Billing Services caters to unique client requirements by offering a range of specialized expertise and platforms, fostering trust and leadership within the healthcare industry.

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

Committed to achieving excellence and fostering innovation in healthcare revenue cycle management, the company empowers clients to prioritize high-quality patient care.


Customer Satisfaction

The company's dedication to outstanding service and proven results is reflected in favorable reviews. They remain up-to-date with industry trends and employ advanced technology for the best possible solutions.

Collaboration Benefits

Collaboration Benefits

Collaborating with Simplify Billing Services has the potential to revolutionize healthcare businesses. Their proficiency simplifies billing, amplifies revenue, and improves patient care.

Insights to elevate your financial confidence and unlock your potential.

At Simplify Billing Services, we not only manage your financial challenges but also aim to enhance your entire RCM process. We assure all our medical billing clients in the US that when you prosper, we prosper.


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There are multiple advantages of allowing us to become a part of your team. We will help you increase your cash and patient flow while also helping you to streamline your work. Our team is more than just a billing company. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.
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